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Opus 12 now does support the Windows 10 Quick Access Virtual folder quite nicely, except for one quibble: The "Recent files" listing of that folder in DOpus has a very different format than the one in Windows File Explorer: The latter shows a fairly useful view with file icons, full filenames and locations, whereas DOpus uses a Tiles format with a default "unknown filetype" icon. Is there a way to mimic the view that Windows File Explorer uses? I notice that the usual folder format options are greyed out for Quick Access, and even though it is possible to force different view modes, none of them seems to replicate the default view in Windows Explorer.

So, long story short, is there a way to replicate the view that Windows File Explorer shows? I happen to really like it. Surprisingly enough, every now and then Microsoft does do something right...

File display mode can be changed as in any folder. (e.g. Right-click, View > Details.)

Apart from in the folder tree and menus, the actual display of the Quick Access folder, including icons, comes from the Windows shell (the same components that Explorer uses), so it's odd if the icons are different. Clearing the icon cache may help, perhaps.

This is what the display looks like for me:

Clearing the cache doesn't help. Any way to diagnose and/or fix this?

Here is what things look like in File Explorer:

So the folder display looks pretty much identical, but the file display does not. Also, I don't think there is a way to have Opus display this combination of view modes for files and folders, but for now I would be happy if I would get proper thumbnails for the files.

If you open Notepad, then use File > Open and point it at Quick Access, what do you see there?

It looks the same as the File Explorer shot I have shown above.

Strange. I am not sure what causes it but it seems to happen in Explorer for some people as well (assuming this is Explorer with a tabs add-on; it isn't Opus at least):

The whole Quick Access view is provided by Windows so whatever it is seems to either be a Windows bug or (unlikely) antivirus treating different processes differently and blocking something. (Latter seems unlikely as Opus isn't being blocked from getting other icons.)

Interesting. Well, it is Windows 10 we're talking about after all, meaning there's no quality control at Microsoft anymore. So yes, it could well be a Windows issue, but it is strange that only Opus seems to be affected. I'm not using any third-party AV, just the built-in Defender. Let's see what happend after the October WinX update...

P.S.: I just noticed that the screenshot in the link you provided shows a layout that looks exactly like the one that I see in Opus, and not the one that I am seeing in File Explorer now. Also, I am not using any add-ons in Explorer. Finally, it looks like the person posting that screenshot in your link is using Classic Shell (of course, you want Windows 10 to be at least halfway usable...) which I have too. However, unloading Classic Shell seems to make no difference.

So, would it be possible to get the same view of Quick Access items that is offered in Windows Explorer for DOpus? I'm really starting to like that format; not just the fact that I get thumbnails, but also the list view with just full names and locations; quite useful, actually.

So here's your feature request :wink:

I don't think we have any control over it. The Windows shell is responsible for displaying that folder and it does whatever it wants to do.

It's probably a bug in Windows, where they haven't tested the shell components properly outside of Explorer.

Toggling setdll_directory in Prefs/Misc/Advanced may be worth a quick test in case they went wrong there, but other than that I don't know why the shell code would fail to load icons in one process and not another.

I don't see that setting in DOpus 12.6 on WinX.

Sorry to hijack thread but how to get the pin icons next to the folders to unpin from quick acces like in this picture

I don't have those. Quick acces is virtual folder so it draws them from explorer but I don't see those pin icons.

Any ideas?

Not to be a pest, but I'd like to revive this one: Is there any way to diagnose why we're not getting thumbnails in our DOpus Quick Access folder display. It's a bit more than a year later, I'm at a new version of Windows 10 and the newest version of DOpus, and still no thumbnails for files in the Quick Access folder. Last year we left it at an "Oh well, whatever…" but I wonder whether a more satisfactory answer is possible.
Just asking… :sunglasses:

The answer hasn't changed :slight_smile: We don't control how that folder works, we just host it.

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Hmmph, bummer. Oh well… :pleading_face:

But, you could have DOpus read the path/name of the files in the Quick Access list, and then properly display them just like you would show, say, a collection, could you not?