Quick Access Popup (QAP)-Office-Save as dialog

Maybe some users can reply on the below.
Up front: I do nót have installed QAP, so I have no experience with it.
However, there would be 1 reason to install it, but I don't know whether it is possible.
That's something I would like to know before prior to installing.

It is about the save as dialog within Office

in the "Save as"-dialog-box I would need to click browse click browse scroll click in order to find the right folder

By default my Excel documents are saved in X:\XLS Word documents in X:\Doc
That has been set in the program options of Excel and Word.

Following scenario:
Excel, create a new document, want to 'Save as...' in a specific folder, e.g. folder 'Cars'
How does QAP fit in here?
Would it possible that I would type 'Cars' and it shows all folders with 'Cars' in the name in any sub folder within X:\XLS?

Then again, it could be though that QAP has no access to the save as dialog.

Acutally a bit similar to using Everything, filtering on a specific folder and then search for folder name "Cars"

Everything search for sub folder Cars in a specific root folder

@opw62 - Have you looked at the Quick Access Popup site? Lots of helpful info and videos there.

Perhaps the QAP developer, Jean Lalonde (@jnllnd), will weigh in.

@Chuck Thanks for the name tag.

@opw62. You can read this

You can change to one of the folders in your QAP menu (easy to customize) or one of the QAP dynamic menus like "Recent folders", "Frequent folders", folder last used in Windows Explorer, etc.

QAP is changing folder in a dialog box by typing the folder's path in the dialog box on your behalf. Some older apps were modifying the Windows dialog box to add a favorites folder menu. This was convenient but these features did not survived changes since Windows XP/7. The QAP way is safer and quite reliable. You just click the Middle mouse button (customizable) on top of the dialog box (or hit or Win+W) and select your folder.

And there is so much more to discover. Take a look at the features list:

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Both, thank you very much indeed.

I did check out the QAP website. There is no doubt that QAP has a -lot- of potential/features/tweaks, etc.

I am not sure though whether QAP can do what I am seeking.

No disrespect at all towards QAP...

Actually the matter/question was whether QAP could instantly find and display all folders containing a given keyword, so, when saving (Save as...) users may have choice and select the right one.
Same as with Voidtools' Everything.
(Instantly as it uses FAT.)

Could not find it in QAP, but... maybe I am overlooking it.

Thanks again.

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No. This would require modifying the behavior of the dialog box and, as I explained above, this is technically no longer possible and risky. As far as I know, of course.

However, that aside, QAP can make your use of file dialogs much more convenient by giving easy access to recently used folders, favorite folders, etc.