Quick access to often used folders

I have 3 or 4 folders that I go to all the time. Is there a way to put icons up on the toolbar that go to those folders when I click them or some sort of shortcut. Or any other suggestion that may accomplish this?

Go into Customize mode (right click on toolbar, etc.) and then drag the folder to the toolbar.

Cool, I see the folder icon up on the toolbar. Is there a way I can name that folder icon so I can distinguish between say 10 folders on the toolbar?

never mind figured it out.

If you're a keyboard user you might want to set up hotkeys (e.g. Push Ctrl-D to go to your Downloads folder) or folder aliases (e.g. type "/downloads" or even just "/d" into the location field, or Find-As-You-Type field, to go to your Downloads folder).

Shout if you want help with either thing.

Thanks Leo, I already made hotkeys for them. Really snappy gettin' 'round now.

Another way is to define Tabbed groups with locked folders for both panels.
Then you can activate them by right clicking on the Tab line for each panel.