Quick access with the BLUE STAR does not work anymore

hello someone in support

quick access with the BLUE STAR does not work anymore

look at the jpg and you will see the BLUE STAR quick access icon.

previously when i clicked this icon it responded. now it is dead for what ever reason. how am i able to UNDEAD IT.

with thanks
philip jh

And what is it supposed to do?

That isn't a standard button so you'll have to tell us what command it runs for us to help.

go /quickaccess is the command to go to the Quick Access folder, if that is your aim.

hello leo and thanks for your reply.

i dont recall where i got this function/ tool/ program or what ever it might be. i just assumed it came with the DIRECTORYOPUS program. so right now i have no more info to give you.

the jpg shows where QUICKACCCESS folders are in DIRECTORY OPUS. to "put" a folder into QA i just right click and select "add to QA"

also as i recall the F5 key would activate it but alas no more.

as i recall when the QA blue star was pressed DO showed all the drives as well as the RECYCLE BIN. this was a quick and easy way to access the recycle bin.

so im sorry i cant give you any more info

my wishes
philip jh

You can edit the toolbar button to see which command it runs.

But if you can't remember where it came from, or what it was meant to do, then why not just delete the button? You can't have been using it.