Quick Email button

is there a way to put a button on the interface that will allow me to quickly email someone - replication the new msg button on the email tab of the output window?

the nearest thing i have found is the email files button, which is no good if i want to fire of a quick link to someone.

secondly, does Dopus pull email adresses from outlook? would it be possible for dopus to get the email from my PIM software - Time & Chaos?

any help will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yep - the command for your button is:


As far as I know Opus populates the TO: field drop down with addresses from OE's address book.

You could try posting a feature request on the GPSoftware support site.

Thanks very much - it works a treat!

regarding the outlook address book that DOPUS uses, is there a way to get it to use an outlook addressbook that isn't located in the normal directory? This way i can have DOPUS access the addresses, without outlook accessing them. purely as i don't trust outlook to be competent regarding exploits & virii