Quick jump to recent directory with "/"


Before definitely adopt this amazing soft that Dopus is, I tried fman (https://fman.io/).
A good functionality of fman that I do not find as it in Dopus is the auto-completion of recent directory.
Of course I can save aliases and quickly jump to it with "/" key by typing the name define as aliases. But adding automatically recent folders and quickly find them by typing just some characters of their path, like fman does, could imo a very google feature.

Or maybe it is already an option I have not found yet ?


You can push F4 twice (or once if the path field is already active) to open a recent path list.

(There are other ways to get to it but that's probably the easiest out-of-the-box.)

Yes I knew the trick, but you have only a list that you have to browse with keys. Not very effective I think compared to just type a few characters after a slash key (with no case and accent sensitivity).
Do you think it's complicated to add as a new feature ? You already do it with aliases names just the way I imagine and as fman does.
It could be just "simple" (I suppose) than adding automatically the most accessed folders as integrated aliases with a name equal to the path ?


I don't know finally if you think it's a good idea for a new feature, but, waiting for it eventually, how could I easily create a new aliases of the current tab with a button or a key, with a dialog box similar to the "new folder" one ?

Thanks !

This command will do that:

Favorites ALIAS=set PATH {sourcepath} NAME="{dlgstring|Enter Alias Name}"

n.b. It's best to ask unrelated questions in a new thread, to help people find answers:

Many Thanks Leo.