Quickly Moving Duplicate Files and Their Folders

Despite being a long time (Very) user of Directory Opus I'll admit I doubt if I know more that 10% of its capabilities however it's never let me down over the last 15+ years and I've always managed to find a solution that ensures that DO saves my day, until now, so my first posting for help:

I thought todays task would be easy but it's flummoxed me, so maybe somebody can kindly help or and I hope not, tell me it's just not possible.

I have 2 folders one on each of 2 physical drives, each folder contains a large number (1000+) subfolders each of which contains several very large files, say:

If I search for duplicates (filename only not size or extension) I get a large list showing resulting files on each of the drives. I then use the select button to select all the "duplicate" files on the Y drive. So far so good.

Now I want to MOVE not copy, as this would take days) all of these selected files to another folder on the Y drive, say Y:\Dupes recreating their folder structure, when I try it dumps all the files in Y:\Dupes and ignores the subfolders.

Is this possible and if so can somebody be kind enough to explain how I resolve it

Many Thanks



Copy MOVE CREATEFOLDER=Y:\Dupes\{filepath$|noroot|..}

tell me it's just not possible.

Not something you should think with 15 years of Opus experience in your books :wink:

Thanks for getting back quickly and apologies for appearing THICK but I've no idea how I would start in trying your solution. Yes I've been using DO for 15 odd years but as I said have never used any of it's advanced featires, I only use it as a better solution than Explorer so if it's not a solution that I can operate from the menu screens, I'm lost, or am going to have to learn fast. Any clues how I should start?



Don't worry, here's the command from above as a ready-to-use button:

Move to Y Dupes.dcf (361 Bytes)

Save the dcf-file to your PC,
switch Opus into Customize mode,
drag the dcf-file into the toolbar of your choice,
close Customize mode with OK and
try it out with some test files and folders.

More details here:

Thanks think I'm allmost there just struggling with the last bit. When I run the script it tries to generate a folder Y:\Dupes\"Backup\subdirectory name and
locks up till I edit it each time to remove the " prefix. How do I edit your DCF file to get rid of the "


Ah, yes, sorry, my standard mistake...

Copy MOVE CREATEFOLDER="Y:\Dupes\{filepath$|noroot|..}"

Move to Y Dupes.dcf (423 Bytes)


Brilliant I've always known that DO was the No 1 utility now I'm even more impressed. Really should have found time to learn more but probaly a bit late now as I head into my late sixties

Still problem solved
Many Thanks