Raising Default Priviledge Level (UAC Windows 7/Vista)

I installed Windows 7 (Ultimate, x64) today, and unlike with Vista, I figured I would give UAC a fighting chance this time before I disabled it altogether since they reduced the nagging somewhat.

There can be a whole slew of "You idiot!" things wrong with the way I am trying to what I am about to describe, so don't yell at me; I already know that. Just tell me the right way to go about this if you would be so kind. :slight_smile:

Long story short, I want to elevate Directory Opus to admin status, i.e., give it "Run as Administrator" privileges so I stop getting nagged about doing things to my own system, for instance:

And then when I click on the "Access" button, I get the actual UAC prompt to allow, specifically, Directory Opus to do the directory read. (Windows won't let me take a screenshot of it, but you know the prompt: standard UAC stuff since Vista.)

Anyway, how do I give Directory Opus admin privileges by default? Keep in mind that I am having DOpus load at startup, and I want to continue to do so, but changing the properties of the DOpus link in the Startup folder causes it not to be able to load at all. :frowning: (And then there's also dopusrt.exe to account for as well, I'm sure.)

After doing a forum search and looking at all posts UAC related, I probably should make it clear that I am not talking about making programs I launch from DOpus elevated like everyone else seems to ask about.

I just mean I want Directory Opus itself to run elevated so I can traverse any directory I choose, delete any file I want, etc., etc.

You can't make a program run as admin without at least one UAC prompt. Also running Opus as admin is a bad idea because it interferes with inter-process communication (e.g. dopusrt is no longer able to send messages to the main program, which means for instance that double-click on the desktop and Explorer Replacement would no longer work properly).

Yeah, I figured as much, but I know this was an issue in Vista (issue = granting startup apps UAC admin rights), but I was just hoping they came up with a solution in Windows 7 to address it. If I recall, the trick with Vista was to start the application as a scheduled task instead instead via Startup or the standard "Run" registry entries. Maybe I'll try that.

If you run Opus as admin be sure to disable Explorer Replacement first, else you're break your ability to open Control Panels and similar folders.

Also, if you run Opus as admin then anything you launch from Opus will also be running as admin.

It's not recommended, but it's your computer so if you really want to...

Alternatively, you could set UAC to the "elevate without prompting" mode, which gets rid of all the UAC prompts but keeps the really good parts of UAC (like Protected Mode IE). Note that that option is hidden away in the Local Security Policy control panel; it isn't available in the UAC control panel. (If you set the slider in the UAC control panel to the lowest setting then it'll turn off UAC completely, including disabling Protected Mode IE and other good stuff.)

Really? From some of the other "UAC" threads, I thought it was just the opposite, at least in recent DOpus builds.

Heck, if I'm going to try to embrace the idea of UAC, having that happen would sort of defeat the purpose, so much so I might as well turn it off permanently. :confused: Oh, well, maybe I'll just do the silent evaluation thing. I remember doing that in one instance of a previous Vista install. I'll have to Google the specifics, though, because I don't remember the exact procedure.

In Windows 7 there's a control panel for it, you don't have to dig around in the registry.

Oh, it's in Vista, too. Most internet "guides" spout off about manually running secpol.msc which, I suppose, is the direct way to get to it, but I chuckle at that since it's already included by default in the Administrator menu. (In fairness, though, I guess not everyone enables the Administrator menu in their start menu [it's disabled by default].)

Anyway, no, I just didn't remember specifically which UAC setting apply, but when I went and looked after I posted the above, it was pretty obvious. :slight_smile:

In Vista, I found UAC to be such a nag that I turned it off altogether, and relied on the other protections I was running (like WinPatrol).

However, UAC prompts in Win7 are so (relatively) infrequent that I am happy to leave it at the default setting.

OK, I set it to run as admin. How do I undo that ? I loose the desk top double click to open with UAC on.


Finally found it.