RAM Drive and Fast Copy

Sorry, this is not really a Directory Opus topic per se but I used FastCopy with Directory Opus as well as a RAM Drive and I want them to all work harmoniously.

What settings do you use for FastCopy's main setting. Specifically, in Drive Group, is the RAM drive and the C local drive considered the same drive because they might use the same mechanism perhaps? Or, am I totally off and they have nothing to do with each other?

Is there a difference between SSD and HDD in this program? It always refers to HDD but is an SSD the same?

What's the buffer size that you usually keep it at. I have the buffer at 16 meg, I/O = 1 meg pursuant to the developer, but what's the best overlap? It can't be 1 like the developer suggested but should it be 4 or 1000? Any suggestions on the Max I/O size?

How many parallel running should you put down? Do you include the RAM drive as another possible read/write?

If you want to ask about FastCopy, please go to the FastCopy forum. You should find more people there who know about it than there are here.

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