Random no-named console boxes popping up when interacting with Dopus

Windows Version: 20H2, OS Build 19042.985

First off, I'm running a fresh ISO of windows and I was trying to use Dopus on a trial. I found the strangest bug that took me almost a week to figure out, I kept reinstalling windows over and over until I found out what was causing it. It sounded like a virus to me, but here it is:

If you disable "Show Animations in Windows " from settings --> Ease of Access --> Display, random no-name console boxes will start appearing and auto-closing when you interface with Dopus. An easy way to trigger this is to have Dopus closed and open a new lister, there's a high chance of it happening.

The easiest way to trigger it quickly is to pull open the "Delete" dialog box, and hit cancel. If you do this ~10-20 times rapidly, it should happen. This is just an example, if you have Dopus open it'll happen seemingly randomly, even if you don't interact with it. I thought I had a huge virus, doesn't seem to be the case because of how many times I reinstalled a clean version of windows.

I don't know why this happens, or what Windows broke in their latest build... This setting in particular turns on/off several effects found in the "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows" panel, as to which one it is exactly, I can't say.


Does it still happen if you turn off Preferences / Display / Transition Animations / Enable transition animations and click OK?

I turned "Show Animations in Windows" back off, triggering the bug. However, I cannot turn off the setting you suggested as I already had it off. Turning it on also didn't fix it.

Thanks for trying that.

Are the windows that appear actually command prompts, or are they just black windows that might look similar to command prompts?

Here's a screenshot.

I tried to track this bugger down in Process Explorer at one point, but it never even appeared there long enough to be logged. I'm guessing it's a windows process doing this, maybe svchost, but that's just a complete guess.

Many thanks!

I've tracked down the problem, and we'll have a fix for it in the next update.

Wow, that was fast and professional. Good work!

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