Random Shuffle in Flat View for folders with sub-folders


The Random Shuffle button works great except when you view a folder with sub-folders in them in Flat View, the button does not do anything, the files do not get shuffled.

Is there any way currently to temporarily shuffle all files recursively in a folder when viewing it in Flat View?

Thank you in advance .

Not currently possible via the method the script uses, since Flat View can't be combined with manual-sort-order.

You could probably do something similar via an Evaluator Column that generates a hash of each filename, as the order of those would be fairly random and also stable for sorting. But you would only get one order out of that, not a new one each time you pushed the button.

(Although you could probably make the button set a random salt value that's added to the filename to randomise the hashes each time, I can see some issues with that changing the sort value of a file from moment to moment, on top of it getting a bit complex.)