RAR and ZIP opened in a new tab


I would want to use DO to open the RAR and ZIP files. However, I would want that the program doesn't launch a new lister (that is what happen when I try commands to make that), I would prefer that the file opened would be in a new tab.

Is it possible? if yes, then how?

The same setting that makes folders open in new tabs also affects Zip files. (See screenshot below.)

For RAR files you have to edit the RAR filetype's Open Action. I've just re-written the FAQ on setting up the RAR filetype and added information on how to make them open in new tabs. Check out the new FAQ and shout if you need any help.

Ok, the command you put in your FAQ was what I tested and was not working. So that's why I asked here.
So, at least on my computer, this command doesn't work normally and open the RAR file or the ZIP file in a new lister.

But you pointed me a nice FAQ page that I have read. And the last paragraph has given me the solution.
Here how I did it, I remind that the goal was to open a new tab in the same lister.

In "action" "open", put that:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe" %1

In "events" "double click", put that:

go newtab fromsel

Thank you, I would have never thinked to that if I had not read your FAQ page.

I forgot to say, that actually I haven't yet a line of command that works if I would use the open command of the context menu.
I can only see the archives opened in a new tab if I double click on them.

For the commands you have put in the FAQ, all I get is a new lister opening with the archive files (and I dislike a big window that pop up just to display the archve files)

You shouldn't need the fromsel in your double-click event, although it seems harmless there.

For the context menu the command go newtab will work fine, just make sure that when you create the new menu item you set its type to Run an Opus command instead of the default, else it won't work.

You can't change the type of an existing context menu item so you should delete the old one and create a new one, taking care to set the type before you click OK.

I miss surely something... I can't make it working.

I have succeeded with the zip files but not with the rar.
They keep continuing to open in a new lister if I use the context menu... but also when an external application of Dopus commands to open a rar file.
Result is: I get a lot of opus listers opened when I work on rar files and I am finally lost between all these windows.

I have put back my Winace (that is bugging with Opus, GP Soft asked me to contact winace support, winace support asked me to contact GPSoft ...)

Try the following instead for the 'open' action:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go "%1" newtab

Perfect jon. I was looking for such a command :bulb:

Try the following instead for the 'open' action:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go "%1" newtab

It was the command I tried a lot...
on my computer, this command open a RAR file in a new lister :frowning:

I have finally find a way to open zip and rar files in opus that is not dirty.
Disavantage is I can't use it by defaut (so I have let yet Winace as the default program).
Avantage: I can decide to use Winace or Opus to open the archives files

In the file type window of ZIP or RAR, go to the tab context menu
Add a new entry
Select Standard Function
Put: Go "%2" newtab

Works perfectly...

Make sure you're using dopusrt.exe, not dopus.exe. It will open a new Lister if one doesn't already exist, but if there is one open it will definitely add a new tab to it.