Raw Digital Camera


The plugin allows you to preview, decode and convert many raw digital camera formats within Opus. The plugin supports the Adobe DNG format as well as the proprietary formats used by hundreds of different camera models.

The plugin is based on dcraw by Dave Coffin. See his page for the long list of supported cameras. (This list is also visible in the plugin's configuration window.)

The plugin also gives Opus support for a subset of the PNM image format. (PNM support is present more for technical reasons than anything else. Maybe someone will find it useful, though.)

(This plugin is basically a re-write and replacement of the raw support in the old JP2Raw Plugin.)

Plugin's Web Page:

See the plugin's web page for more information:



Raw image details and preview panel in Directory Opus:

Raw image thumbnails and viewer window in Directory Opus:

Raw image conversion in Directory Opus:


One-click batch conversion is also possible.

Raw plugin configuration in Directory Opus:


See the website. The history here was quite out of date.

Have you or has anyone made the Sigma SD-9, SD-10, and SD-14 Camera RAW settings available? I use a bank of Sigma Digitals and would love to be able to use Opus instead of having to use Sigmas program. If anyone is up to looking at the specs and images, I would be happy to supply them.

Michael Banks

They should already be supported in theory but I don't think I've ever had any test images from those camera models to confirm with.

If the images don't work could you provide one or two for me to try with?


I almost never use RAW format, as I usually don't need it (and it takes too long to process in my non-professional camera), but the few I take in RAW I woud like to see them in Opus as preview, just like othr pictures.

And it does, but never liked it. Since I have do few pictures taken in this format this is not a big problem to me and I never had second thoughts about it, but today i took some time to browse through these foruns and i was mesmerized to see those beautiful RAW images in these screenshots! So I can't help but ask... "How the heck do you do that?!"

Because with me, the RAW pictures appear like little mushy thumbnails, not like crisp images like these! I tried to change some parameters but can't see any difference. Even when trying to watch the photos (fullscreen, with the viewer) they still look like a small thumbnail, like if they are some kind of preview.

The format in question is ORF, from Olympus SP570UZ. Any hints?

Raw files often contain 'preview' images which are very quick to decode and which, by default, the plugin uses if it can. Some Raw formats store high-res preview images but some only store tiny thumbnails.

I don't have any photos for that exact camera model the one I have for another Olympus model is like that. The preview image is tiny.

You should open the Raw plugin's configuration, go to the Raw Viewers tab and set Image Mode to "full decode". It will probably take a good few seconds to view each file then, but you'll get a good-sized result. (You can also play with the other options to make things higher resolution and/or higher quality, but even slower.)

(You probably don't want to set the Raw Thumbnails tab to "full decode" unless you have a very fast machine. The full decode time is usually too long to be worth it for thumbnails, but is sometimes worth it for the viewer.)

Also note: If you have several types of camera, you can configure separate profiles for each of them in the plugin. For example, you might want to make the Viewer use full decodes for an Olympus but keep it using the fast preview images for a Canon.

I would swear I had messed up with this already, with no results! But now it worked! Maybe it was due to a restart!

Anyway, I put the setting to "Full Decode" and it was taking forever (well, about 10/12 seconds, which is "forever" in computer terms!). Then, after messing around with the settings, I was happy enough with Interpolation="Quarter Size" because of the quick response i had. So, in the end I managed to get about 2s in the preview pane and 1s in viewer mode (which I found strange to take less time to generate a fullscreen view than a preview inside the DOpus window, but don't care much). So now I am able to see the RAW images with just 1s of delay between them with reasonable quality instead of a crappy thumbnail-size mush of pixels I couldn't see anything in!

Thank you very much!

(Who knows what else I am not using correctly! :wink: )


Would it be possible to update this plug-in for newer RAW formats? I have a Sony IV ILCE-7M4 using the RAW compressed format. It's not viewable. Thanks!

Looks like the same camera has two names. See Sony A7iv