Re-Create Directory Structure (Including Files) But ***Names*** Only


I am trying to re-create an entire directory structure (including files) but using the folder and file names only. Re-creating a directory structure is easy, as we know, but including the files as names only (i.e., not the file contents, just the file names; thus, something equivalent to right-click > New > Text Document > File1.txt > then rename File1.txt to match its source, which would be, for example, File1*.mpg*) would be extra special functionality.

I truly expect and believe that this can be done only via scripting but I looked up the Copy command and searched the Buttons/Scripts and Support forums just to make sure. I thought I got lucky when I found this post, but I do not see "Edit > Copy Filenames > As Names Only" in my version of DOpus.

Any suggestions/guidance/script examples on how I can achieve this will be greatly appreciated.


robocopy.exe with the options /S and /CREATE will probably be all you need.

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Oh, thank you so very, very, very much, lxp!!!!

It was even easier than having to write a DOpus script! :smiley:

Thanks a million! I really appreciate it!

I know it is late, I just found this thread. This is exactly the solution I have been searching for for quite a while. THANK you very much indeed!

One might create a zero bytes shadow copy of cloud saved archive files (e.g. on OneDrive), then 'unlink' folders from being on local HDD, saving space, but still be able to perform a search, like with Everything.

Thanks again!

Have you tried 'Print Folder'?

Thanks again. I believe, in my case, the robocopy /s /create will do just fine, being run on a folder (not a drive). So far I have tried to achieve something similar using Opus create empty folder structure.