Read Only


I am writing for the second time and no response from you.

I have a problem with your software and Windows 10.

Whenever I click on an Excel file it opens in fashion "Read Only"
So if I click with Microsoft Explorer or Exporer 2 Zabcat I have no problem.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

After some digging, the first attempt was by replying to your purchase receipt email, and the first part of the email was in French. Please post support questions here, as you've done now.

Do you mean when you double-click an Excel file, Microsoft Excel launches and opens the file in read-only mode?

Or do you mean when you single-click the file, the viewer pane in Opus displays the file in read-only mode?

There are a few reasons why Excel can open things read-only.

Are you seeing the difference with exactly the same Excel files, launched or opened from the same location, or were different files used? Excel will open files from older versions as read-only for security reasons, for example. It can also open things read-only based on file permissions or file ownership.

Please also make sure that Opus is NOT running as Administrator. (Using the built-in UAC support and Admin Mode are both OK, but elevating the whole program when you start it will cause problems.) If the whole process is elevated, then launching Excel from it will mean Excel may also be elevated, and that can affect whether or not Excel opens files read-only.