Read out Dopus configuration values via script?

I am sure, this must have been asked already, but I did not find anything when doing a forum search.

I want to read out a certain configuration value of the main program from within a script. It is the toggle, that defines Delete to Recycle Bin in the File Operations / Delete Files section.

For the curious, a little background on what I am doing:
Since my Delete operation gets routed through a script, that would use another 'delete' operation, should the folder contain a Git repository (git rm in this case), I need to make sure, the the Delete SHIFT toggle gets rightly emulated (by deleting from stash only or by removing the file all together).

There isn't a good way to get that setting from a script at the moment. The only way I know of would be to parse the prefs.oxc XML and look for the flag being set, but that's probably more of a pain than it is worth.

What about making it an option for the script's configuration? Then you can toggle it there for everything that uses the script's custom delete command.

Ah, good idea! I will parse the XML.