Reading Linux drives in windows

After replacing drives in a Zyxel NAS box, I thought I would play around and see if there is a way to read the old disks in Windows.

I found a few utilities that claim to work and even managed to get Windows to see the drives. It just falls over at the final stage and doesn't recognise the format.

In the process of looking for something I stumbled across a reference to a plugin to a rival file manager to Opus. This naturally prompted me to ask here if there is any way to get Opus to read Linux (EXT) drives.

Failing that, any suggestions on software that plays nice with Opus?

This isn't a mission critical task, just something that intrigued me.

You can install filesystem drivers that make EXT partitions appear and work system-wide. Those work with Opus, and everything else.


Ext2Fsd did it.