Real mystery - bug or problem using 'dopusrt.exe' command, only imports .txt files and nothing more

The command: dopusrt.exe is only importing .txt files to a file collection and ignoring other extension types in the import file.

All other file types are ignored, for example

.md, .jpg, .png, .pdf


I have a file: files.txt

each line in the file is a windows path to a file like: d:\path\to\file.txt

I can grep the file:

grep .png file.txt

and will see printed to the screen all files with an extension ending in .png.

I can do the same for .md, .jpg, .pdf files and files of other extensions.

Now when I use: dopusrt to import the file to create a collection, the command works, no errors but when I go to the dopus lister, only files of type .txt have been imported. I know that it partially worked because I see a new file collection created, and when I click, I see the files listed.

If I sort on the "Type" column, only "Text Document" is displayed from top to bottom.

Scrolling through the list, I only see .txt files and no files of any other type.

What could be the problem here?

Couple of quick ideas:

  • Check there aren't any active filters hiding the other files (click the "xxx hidden" count in the status bar to reveal them if so).
  • Try adding the /nocheck argument to the import command; by default, if the files don't exist Opus will filter them out.

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