Really Customizable Custom Title

Dear developers!

Sometimes we need to see in window title, for example, the full path of currently selected file or another enhanced information on it, but it isn't possible without scripting experience. Preferences has Custom title option, but for plain text only. Could you please add the support of codes {} in Custom title field?

Thank you in advance!

A lot of things that can't already be done using the built-in titlebar codes can be done with scripts.

Information about selected files in window titles can't be done currently, though. But that information can already be displayed in other places (e.g. the status bar). Or you can put the full path to the current folder in the titlebar and infer the selected file's full path from that (unless in a collection).

This seems fine to us as-is. If you have a pressing need to put this information into the titlebar, could you explain why you need the information there specifically, instead of the other places it can go? Are you trying to read the information from another piece of software?

I have no need to share titlebar with another software.Often I have to work with long paths. Length of status bar (dual bars + viewer pane) doesn't allow to use it for that purpose, where are a lot of info already. Any another titles (e. g. for lister in dual mode) are short enough to show full path and long filenames. So, title of DOpus seems most suitable for this purpose due to it's maximum width. And Custom title bar feature assumes in my understanding just such functions.

Maybe, if I could write script in short time, I would not post such request. But, unfortunately, I can't find ready script or some sample, which I could adapt for my purposes.

Is this about file collections, or normal folders as well?

I'm still having trouble envisaging when you'd need the full path to the selected file in the titlebar, vs the full path to the current folder.

You can show the (full, parent or relative) path to each file as a column in the file display, which is useful in collections.

It's all about normal folders. See synthetic example screenshot:

Full path of current folder is just a half of info. If current filename long enough and can't fit filename column and where's no chance to see truncated ending of filename unless spread columns's width or press F2 (while renaming DOpus shows full name over the other interface elements) or wait some hundreds of millisecond while tooltip pops up. I don't know any quick way to rapid see currently selected long filename what can't fit filename place. But titilebar always seen, has maximum width and can show desired info instantly during scrolling through filelist with long paths/names.

Showing full path in columns in normal folder mode with dual display and viewer pan (whole DOpus window divided on three parts) can't resolve the problem, paths will be truncated.

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Thanks. That makes sense.

Although, if it was me I would move the viewer to the horizontal position (click the = icons next to its x close icon), so you get more width when dealing with longer file names (which IME are fairly rare). Then you can see all of the filenames in full, not just the one selected one.

With horisontal orientation of viewer pane it's hard to preview portrait A4 PDF documents (mostly often using).

Dear developers!

Once again I'm kindly asking about special code for Custom title preference. Could you please add for DO13 something like %F for currently selected filename including full path?

Unfortunately I have no enough scripting experience to do it myself. But If you have so much special %-codes isn't it so easy to add one more? It so actual especially for long filenames, which can't fit field in Dual display with opened Viewer pane. But it can be fully shown in the lister Title bar.

Thank you in advance!

The command is pretty simple:

Set LISTERTITLE={filepath}

A script could use this in a lister or folder change event. However, no event fires on selection change, so the title would become outdated quickly.

As a workaround, you could use the command with a hotkey and manually update the title.

Thank you for solution! Command may be simple enough, but anyway it's necessary to know scripting. And as you said it will require some workarounds that is awkward and finally seems not so nice complete solution. Meanwhile developers can easy add new %-code to prefs so it will work fast and reliably "from the box".

Leo, is there any chance to implement such feature to lister titlebar? It must refreshes realtime following selected file. As I understand there's no scripting ability to make it realtime because there's no appropriate event. But it's possible by your coding. I hope it isn't so onerous.

Once more: it's so useful for long filenames which can't fit filename place in Dual Display mode. Status bar's size is not enough for Dual Display too. The only place wide enough for full path and long file name is titlebar, which spreads through whole window including two of file displays and preview pane if active.