Recommendation for Windows indexing?

I'm installing a couple of new drives on my Windows 10 Pro computer, and it asks me if I want to enable content indexing. I'm never quite sure whether to do that or not; I assume it could slow down my PC's responsiveness. I do a lot of writing and have tens of thousands of .rtf files with content in them. I rarely need to search inside files but on occasion it's very useful. I'm wondering if DOpus uses Windows indexing in its searching. I also have Grepwin as a search tool but haven't been able to figure out whether or not it uses Windows indexing. Any recommendations on this would be much appreciated!

If you only search contents occasionally, it's probably not worth having indexing turned on. But it will be used by the Windows Search field at the top-right of the file display, if the index is there.

IMO, the best free file name search programs is Everything at

The best free text search program is dnGrep at with the download at
Release v3.2.279.0 · dnGrep/dnGrep · GitHub

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Thanks @jinsight. I've got Everything and have used it, but do find the interface and configuration confusing. I've used grepwin but hadn't heard of dngrep; I've just downloaded it and will try it out. I appreciate the tip!