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Recommended Apps in 2018

There were a few app recommendation threads in I think the old "coffee shop" opus forum... Unfortunately I can't find those old threads... In December 2017, and presumably for much of 2018, the apps I'm finding most useful are:

  • Directory Opus 12.7 of course... :wink:
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux: (free) For me, this one is a life changing experience. Can seamlessly transition between Linux and Windows... Hope this is soon installed in Windows by default :smile:
  • Keypirinha: (free) This is my newest, most favorite program... Awesome keyboard launcher. All customization happens via a few simple config files. Very easy to back up. :shark:
  • Process Hacker: (free) So much better than Windows built in Task Manager... I leave it open on my task bar all the time, so when things get slow, mouse over and see which process has gone wild. Open the main window and find which process is holding the file or network resource that you're looking for, or what process has the DLL open that's causing trouble.
  • Ditto-cp: (free) Clipboard history tool. Available in Windows Store.
  • AIMP: (free) Music player that's so much better than Groove. Doesn't waste too many pixels.
  • Greenshot: (free) Excellent screenshot tool... Just press PrintScreen and you get a targeting window with magnifying glass to help grab what you actually want to capture, and save it or edit it... But high-dpi support in the editor is weak so far...
  • 7-Zip: (free) More complete context menu support than Opus and works more reliably with different file encodings
  • Typora: Markdown editor. Not very fast, but a nice alternative to word for files that can be read everywhere. Apparently will start charging a fee soon. :bookmark:
  • SFTP Net Drive: (free) Access your WSL files as a Windows Drive... I use my L: drive to get to Linux.... :laughing:
  • VcxSrv: (free) X11 server for Windows
  • Notepad++ (free) for a very quick edit and Visual Studio Code (free) with vi key bindings for working on projects
  • Screen2Gif (free) for easy to post screencasts, and Carnac (free) to show the keypresses in those screencasts
  • Chocolatey (free) didn't like this one at first, but re-install your OS and you'll quickly see the value
  • Potplayer (free) nice touch support, and seems to support more formats than the built in Windows 10 "Videos", and VLC (free) as a backup...
  • Kindle: best selection of books on Windows...
  • Evernote: Thinking about replacing this with OneNote... We'll see what 2018 brings.
  • 1Password: Looking for a replacement for this, but still seems to be better than the options I've tried for now... KeePass may be an option, but it's so UGLY and doesn't support the variety of data types out of the box.

No longer using:

  • ConEmu: Since the Fall Creators Update, it's just not as good a console as ConHost (cmd)
  • WslTTY or MinTTY: Also have fallen behind with the Fall Creators Update
  • AutoHotKey: Between Opus 12, Keypirnha and the Fall Creators Update, not using this anymore either...
  • Elevate: Using Task Manager to bypass the irritating elevation prompts while passing parameters also is broken now

The most recommended app for all DO users of course must be WinUAE... to see/remember, where DO comes from (preferred v4 over Magelan)! :slight_smile:

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If I'm allowed to join this discussion, I have some suggestions as well:

  • Listary: (Free/Paid) Not only a keyboard launcher, but also an instant searcher for all files and really helper at all.
  • FastKeys Automation: (Paid) Automation program based on AutoHotKey, with Mouse Gestures, Text Expander and Shortcuts features, among others.
  • Sandboxie: (Free/Paid) Run almost any application sandboxed. Essential security, in my opinion.
  • AdGuard for Windows: (Paid) Adblocking done for almost all applications, not only browsers.
  • CintaNotes: (Free/Paid) Quick notes management software, that synchronizes with Simplenote.
  • Rainlendar: (Free/Paid) A desktop calendar that simply works, and syncs with Google, Office365, etc.
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