Recursive copy & rename from csv

Hi Folks,
I found some useful info on a recursive copy/rename tool here:
[url]Recursive copy/rename function]

However I am looking to perform a similar job but using a csv file to determine the number of files to create and the filename to use from each line.

As an added bonus I am also hoping to be able to populate the file properties of each newly created file with entries from the CSV, not sure if this is a separate function that already exists...?

Any info would be super.



Can you explain what you want to do in detail?

Sorry Leo,
I glossed over a few key bits of info there...

MS word file template.
CSV/txt (from excel) list of approx 600 document numbers.
Would like to automate the process to copy/rename the template to 600 new files with each new file named using successive lines in the csv.
i.e. a routine would run through the list and create a new copy/rename for each line until the list end.

Ideally I would also like to populate some additional data from other csv columns into a couple of file property fields for usage within the template. (this may be a separate pre-existing tool?)

Please let me know if this is way off the OPUS trail.



The first part sounds fairly similar to what's shown in Tutorial video: Creating complex directory structures

(The tutorial is how to do it in Opus 10, which still works. In Opus 11 you could alternatively make an actual Opus script to do it instead of running an external script, but most of the details will be the same either way, and using what's in the tutorial is probably easiest.)

The second part, populating data into property fields, really depends on what type(s) of property data and what type(s) of files we are talking about.

I wrote a program in C# that should do what you asked above.

dotXMaker creates dotx Word 2010 templates files from a csv file. You can also change the file properties in each document. I.e. (Title,Subject,Authors,Category,Keywords,Comments)



[b]Move the dotXMaker folder to Program Files (x86)[/b]

dotxMaker Dopus button:

@filesonly @disablenosel C:\Program Files (x86)\dotXMaker\dotxMaker.exe" {f}

Select the csv file in C:\Program Files (x86)\dotXMaker\Example.
The dotx files will output in the same directory as the csv file.