Recycle bin and statusbar

it's possible to have size of each files/folders of the recycle bin in the task bar ? i have only the object's number... :frowning:

Do you mean the status-bar rather than the taskbar? (Not sure what they're called in the French Windows, sorry.)

For me on Win XP Pro I see the size of the selected file in the status bar, as well as its original location, type and modified time, but only if one file is selected. If more than one is selected then the status-bar only shows a count of files.

Unfortunately, Explorer supplies the view of the Recycle Bin (since it isn't a real folder on the harddrive, at least not one that looks anything like the way we're used to seeing it), so I don't think Opus has much control over what is shown in there.

yes, i wanted to know status bar (at the bottom of explorer window).

in explorer, there are the number of object and the size of all files.

can one configure directory opus like that ?

I don´t know how to adress recycle bin path from windows, however my idea would be to set it´s path in the virtual folders to the "virtual folders treated as real" tab ...

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While the recycle bin is a real as well as a virtual folder, you really don't want to see it as a real one. It is full of files like Dc105.exe and Dc543.txt. The information about the files' real names and original locations, etc, is all kept in a separate database file called INFO2, the format of which is not defined by Microsoft.

so it's not possible ?

I don't think it's possible right now.

Opus gets the Recycle Bin display from the shell (i.e. Windows Explorer), including what's displayed on the status bar, but it looks like Explorer itself shows a slightly different status bar.

Explorer's status bar deals with plural words better, "1 object" and "2 objects" instead of "1 object(s)". Explorer's status bar also has a second column which lists the total size when more than one file is selected.

I don't know enough to say why there are two slightly different status bars coming from the same program.

If you're opening the Recycle Bin by double-clicking it on the desktop then you can tell Opus to let Explorer open when you double-click it. Go to Preferences, Miscellaneous, Explorer Replacement and add the Recycle Bin to the list at the bottom:

Hope that helps a bit at least!