Refresh file display without re-sorting files

I've noticed that if you create a dir or file using a built-in DOpus command that the lister immediately shows the new dir immediately, but if an external program creates a folder or file in the current dir there is a slight delay before the lister shows the new dir/file.

Is there a way force DOpus to refresh the lister WITHOUT re-sorting? So that DOpus looks for new files/dirs and displays them, but does NOT sort the lister.

Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options / Sort newly created and copied files

Won't have any effect on how quickly changes happen, though, only on how things are sorted. It is not the sorting that slows things down. There are settings you can adjust for that, but they're only really intended for diagnosing problems and we don't recommend changing them otherwise. The change notification system in Windows in inherently slightly laggy, and working with it properly also imposes some extra lag (to detect things like "safe saves" which are really a file create, rename, and delete all in quick succession which need to be merged into a single "update" to do what users expect).

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