Regex filter beginning with `^` doesn't work for MTP path

I have a Name > Match regular expression filter that begins with a ^ to ensure matching from the very first file/folder name character.

Filter: ^foo

In a local folder, e.g. C:\Temp, a file named foo.txt will be coloured by the filter (I have a label assignment that uses this very filter), but the file copied to a location somewhere under mtp://... (my phone) doesn't get coloured / assigned a label.

Removing ^ from the filter fixes the issue as the file of the same name now colours in both file displays (local & MTP).

Other label assignments of mine that use regex to colour items, do so just fine in the MTP file display, it's only when ^ is introduced that I've noticed my label assignment colours stop having effect.

Maybe other locations, such as network :// locations, are affected too?

I could be misunderstanding something, but my intuition is saying that this shouldn't be.

System information:

- Directory Opus v12.23.1 Beta x64 Build 7710
- Microsoft Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.804
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Thanks! Fixed in the next update.

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