Regex Rename Simplification

Greetings Gurus, I have a REGEX rename to replace odd characters from a filename with spaces (except periods within numeric strings).
Currently I have two lines.
Can this be done in one line? Does it impact performance to have two regular expression renames back to back.

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*)(\[[0-9]*\]|_|  +|-|\([0-9]*\))(.*)(.*\..*)#" to="\1 \3\4" AUTORENAME TYPE=files
Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*)(?<!\d)\.|\.(?!\d)(.*)(.*\..*)#" to="\1 \3\4" AUTORENAME TYPE=files

You'll rename every file twice instead of once,.so it'll.take twice as long.

You can use a simple rename script to apply multiple regex (or other transformations) to each file. That's easier than trying to combine two regex which are already complex.