Reinstall of PDF-XChange necessary after Update Dopus

I noticed that every time I update Dopus, the pdf-preview stopped working. Reinstalling PDF-Xchange solves the problem.

I'm not sure why that would happen. Nothing the Opus installer does should affect a PDF tool.

I will check it with the next update.

My Dopus viewer for PDF's works fine (using pdf-xchange)

Same here, updated 2 devices.

It doesn't seem to be updates, but it is happening over and over again.
How can I change the viewer to Adobe PDF Reader? If I click on configure I can disable pdfx as viewer, but I can't add or change the pdf viewer.

Uninstall PDF-XChange and install Adobe Reader.

But I want to keep using PDF-XChange as my default reader.

Oh sorry, I thought you meant you wanted to switch your default to Adobe.

Opus can only use the default PDF viewer as far as I know.

OK, then I have to find out, what is causing that the pdf-x-viewer stops working and after a reinstall is working again.

You may be able to move .pdf to PDF-XChange via:

  • Preferences / Viewer / Plugins
  • Select ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web
  • Click Configure

But only if both viewers appear in the list. If they are both fighting over registry settings then one may be removing the other as a registered viewer.

Hi Leo
I still have to reinstall pdf-x reader again as I keep losing my pdf-view in Dopus. I just installed an update for Dopus and a few days later I noticed that the pdf-preview of Dopus doesn't work anymore.

Opus doesn't touch the PDF-XChange components when you install an update. If you had to reinstall PDF-XChange then something went wrong with PDF-XChange (or another PDF tool changed the registry settings and broke things, which is often the case),. Please report it to the people who make it as we can't do anything about it.