Releasing hotkey combinations

I am using Embarcadero Delphi XE8, which has an autocomplete function which I should be able to execute by pressing Ctrl + Shift + "C". Though when I do, the focus is moved to one of my DOpus listers. So I figured DOpus globally assigned this key combination. I could find the combination under Customize -> Keys, though unchecking the checkbox doesn't release the combination. On the contrary, the combination still moves the focus to DOpus. When I close all listers nothing happens, so I guess this confirms that DOpus globally intercepts the hotkey. How can I make it again available to Delphi?

I'm using version 12.12 x64.

Assuming we're talking about the Copy Full Pathnames command and not something custom, Ctrl+Shift+C would not be a system-wide hotkey unless you have floated your Menu toolbar. (i.e. So the toolbar is in its own, separate window, independent of any lister or file display. That would be a really bad idea, as all the hotkeys in that toolbar would become system-wide, and things like Ctrl-C would also stop working.)

But even then, turning off the hotkey should work, as long as you push OK after turning it off.

Thanks Leo. Yes, we're talking about the Copy Full Pathnames command, though that's not what it does!

And it does seem to be DOpus related, AFAIC. Granted, moving the focus to DOpus doesn't prove anything; it might work like Alt-Tab, for instance, moving to the previous program which had the focus. It's not like that, however; it specifically targets DOpus: when I close all listers nothing happens when I hit the key combination.
I checked Task Manager to see if there were any DOpus background tasks running, but that wasn't the case. (Am I right in assuming that there never are?)

I'm puzzled (but for the rest I'm OK :slight_smile: )

Have you floated the Menu toolbar?

Did you click OK after turning off the hotkey?

Which category is the hotkey listed under? (e.g. "Floating Toolbars (System-wide)"?)

Damn that was fast!

No, no floating menu toolbar.
Yes, I clicked OK. When I reopen the dialog it's still unchecked. (Good thinking, though; at times I do happen to forget.)
It's listed under "Toolbars". There's only one system-wide: Win + Shift + E to open a new lister. That one works.

Thanks again for answering.

If you set Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement to Don't replace Explorer and click Apply, does the hotkey still bring an Opus window into focus, or do you get a File Explorer window instead?

Still Opus.

But what I didn't notice before: it doesn't just bring Opus into focus, it also opens a new folder tab. Which is also assigned to Ctrl + T (and also works as such).

Do any similar hotkeys in the list do anything similar?

To be honest, I don't think it is Opus doing this. It seems like something else is configured to send Opus a "new tab" command on that hotkey. One potential source of global hotkeys is assigning a hotkey to a shortcut icon via its Properties dialog.

I see. I guess you can't help me further then. I'll try to find a way to manage these global hotkeys (list them to start with).

Thanks for your time, though.
Much appreciated.

Does the hotkey only open Opus when Delphi is active, or from any application?

It does the same from other programs.

(I'm an idiot for not having tested this.)

Nirsoft has a small utility which lists the globally assigned hotkeys, and lo and behold: that damned Ctrl + Shift + C is listed. Pity that it doesn't say to which application it's linked.

[Written in parallel with previous reply, so they both talk about the same tool.]

This tool can list all the global hotkeys registered in the system:

Unfortunately, it can't tell you which program registered them, but the pattern of which keys are registered might provide a direction to look in. For example, if it lists every other hotkey that's part of the Menu toolbar then that would tell us something, and if it doesn't that tells us something else.

A tool like Spy++ will let you watch WM_HOTKEY messages being sent and identify the window they are sent to. I'm not sure if it's available outside of Visual Studio however.

I'm trying to troubleshoot a hotkey and the Nirsoft utility doesn't seem to list hotkeys that include the Windows key. Does anyone know of a tool that can do that? (the Spy++ suggestion sounds complicated, as I don't know about Visual Studio).