REM statement desperately needed in the cmd editor

If one wants to experiment with different command combinations
near where they were previously used, one has to try using the @Keydown modifier
to cause their execution to be skipped

.BAT files have had the REM statement since dinosaur days
adding that feature would be so easy and helpful ! :slight_smile:

would it be possible, and in a near-future update ?
Many thx,

Use // at the start of a line to indicate a comment.

Thx Jon, but this doesn't exist in

  • doco
  • the list of available commands
  • the command-memo control, edit-drop-down-menu just above it

I had to find it by accident in the help file, where apparently also there are other
comment-line identifiers available, from memory -- and ' (single quote)

Can you make it easy to find, pls ?

It's mentioned at the bottom of the page for the Advanced Command Editor, here:!Documents/Advanced_Command_Editor.htm