Remember Seleted Folder Using Breadcrumbs

In windows 8+ when clicking folders in the breadcrumbs ie going from 1 folder into a folder inside that folder and when you click the first folder in the breadcrumb bar the folder you had selected in the first folder would be selected again. This is present in Directory Opus when using the back button but not opening folders then going back with clicking breadcrumb of previous "first" folder. Is there a way to enable this as I am used to using breadcrumb more than the back and forward buttons.

Use Settings > Customize Toolbars, then right-click the Location field and select Edit.

Add selectprevious to the args field, like so:

(Full list of args here.)

We'll make this use the related Preferences setting by default in a future version, so you don't need to add an argument unless you want to override the Prefs setting.

That did the trick. This thing is so customizable. Thank you!

What does the "size=0+..." mean?

Straight from Leo's link :slight_smile:

[quote]size: This lets you configure the size of various elements of the breadcrumbs field. This keyword accepts up to five numeric values, each separated with a + sign.

The full template for this keyword is size=++++.

is the width of the drop-down button in each path part. and control the left and right spacing of the Desktop button (and the Computer branch if mycomputericon is specified), and and specify the spacing of the text buttons.

The default values if this keyword is not provided are size=13+1+4+4+4. You can specify 0 for a value to indicate the default setting.[/quote]

Thnaks, overseen that tiny link at the bottom :slight_smile:

For those interested, that preference is Folders > Folder Behavior > Select previous folder when going Up.

If you want Opus to mimic how File Explorer behaves when going up / up by the breadcrumbs, enable this preference.

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