Remember Zip passwords


I often have password protected zip files.
Opus already is able to handle this, but I would like to have it possible to store passwords for those archives in opus.
This would enable me to:

  • just select the correct password and I dno have to remember it
  • (most important) I would be able to decompress several archives without entering the password again and again ....

I use WinRAR, which supports storing passwords and offers a bit more options (e.g. on crc-errors).

I just wonder, what's the point of password protection, while having the password stored in a menu.

@abr: If someone shares protected files with you (e.g. in a cloud for certain people), why should you always enter the password? Also everybody has got its own "security levels" - I'd have no problem if my GF would see a list of passes and if I'd have a "top-secret"-pass, I would not store it in a menu :slight_smile:. It's the same when storing website-passes: There're usually not stored as plain text, but you can login into the site! At office I never would store them, but at home?!

Hmm, yes, but you might as well do without a password in that case, since the main purpose of the password would be obsolete.

If an unauthorized person gets access to an external source, he'll still need the password, which is only locally stored (and unaccessable) on your device. So security is given and doesn't make purpose of a pw obsolete. The situation is different if the document would contain secret informations. For that case you maybe wouldn't store the pass as plain text.

Ok, that sounds sensible. Maybe it would make sense, to use some multi clipboard program to store the passwords. There are good tools out there, with permanent clip & accelerator key support, so it might be
quite a good alternative.

You could create a button, which shows a password list in a pulldownmenu and extracts the archive with the selected one. That would not much differ from the way an implemented feature would work. Also you could "hide" the real passes, because in name in menu can differ from real password.

I second this request. Instead of a list to click, make Opus remember previously used passwords and make it try to brute force using them when trying to extract a protected file, only asking for a password if the ones already known fail to unlock the zip.

A freeware app called ExtractNow has functionality for using password lists to find/bruteforce the password for an archive.

Reinstalled my pc today and while installing opus again i thought, why am i always installing winrar as well? Well now i know, it's missing a remember password function in it's zip, just like this article from 2014 is reporting. It would be a great feature.
how i would use it? I regularly get rar files from the same person with te same password. With winrar i can save that password, select it once on extraction and than it extracts all archives in one click.
In dopus i have to re-enter the password for every archive.