Remote desktop drives don't show up


When I use Microsoft remote desktop connection on a PC with DOpus on it, the remote drives drives don't show up.
If I use standard windows explorer, the drives are there.
Isn't this supported? Plans to support this? Or am I simply doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:
Jan-Tore Tonheim

What you mean with "remote drives"? RDP doesn't show the drives from the remoted client on your local machine or otherwise.

And DO executed on a remote client should behave same like you sit in front of the remoted machine. There should be no difference.

They reside under network for me when the drives are setup to be shared from the rdc.

Okay, use RDP some years now but have overseen some new features (since Win7?), cause I always start RDP from a DO-button. DO is configured to access all my HDD's in network, so I never needed and looked for that feature.

Back to topic: Tried it and can confirm that it is not working! I think it is one of these Windows Shell/Explorer stuff that DO cannot completely access. RDP seems to create temporarily network-shares, which can override local drives (on my remoted Laptop CD-ROM is Z: and was used by a remote device from the Workstation RDP was started from).

It seems to work fine to me, via both locations in the folder tree (Computer / on and Network / \tsclient<drive>).

It also works via the file display, although only there if you turn off Native display of 'Computer'.

(You could also manually navigate to \tsclient if you don't want to use the folder tree, and want to keep the Native display option turned on. e.g. Create a favorite or toolbar button, or just type \tsclient into the file display to go there.)

Foldertree, yes, but not in drive-button (network) on toolbar.

They aren't mapped to drive letters so they would not show up on the toolbar.

In the next beta, we should also have these drives showing up in the Computer folder when its set to "Native display".