Removable drives displayed as fixed

When I use the default Drive Button with Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,labels removable drives still appear.
By removable I mean the drives that usually appear in the Windows Safe Eject menu.

Is this supposed to happen or am I missing something?

The drive type comes from Windows.

How is the drive categorised in This PC, if you check in Opus and File Explorer?

Seems to be a Windows problem. It's weird though because the three removable drives can be safely ejected, so I assume Windows does, at some level understand that they are removable.

Distinction is between drives with removable media (CDROM, floppy) and drives that can be removed themselves (USB). USB hard drives are still hard drives - safely remove doesn't eject the media, it disconnects the drive from the bus.

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I think I get it. However, in the example pictures only one USB flash disk appear as a removable drive although there are two external drives are also connected.

Interesting. I never thought much about this before, but now I see that This PC in both Explorer and Opus shows drive G as a Local Disk despite the fact that it's an external hard drive connected via USB.

Both show drive H as USB Drive, arguably correct since it's a UFD, but Explorer doesn't give it any status beyonUSB Drive. Opus shows it as a Device with Removable Storage arguably not correct, I think, though I guess I could see it either way. The device and the removable storage are the same thing. The removable storage can't be removed from the device.

It all comes down to how the drive describes itself to Windows. If a fixed drive wants to self-identify as removable, who are we to question it? :grinning:


Not, that they will demand of us to use pronouns one day. :grin: