Remove Exif via CLI and Exiftool


After doing some searching around i want to use exiftool to remove exif data as DO does not remove all exif data natively.

I created a button that does: D:\Downloads\exiftool-12.82\exiftool.exe --k -overwrite_original -all= {f} which works fine...

problem is when i need to run the tool on multiple files. Again, it does work, but it opens command prompt windows for each and every one of them. It does close them after, but in the mean time it reminds me of winning the old Windows Solitaire game from years ago.

Is there a way to write this command so that it does not open tons of windows as it runs the command?

Switch the button Type into MS-DOS mode, if you want to see the program's output, or add a line with @runmode:hide if you don't want to see it.

Thanks... that worked :slight_smile:

Perhaps this is not supported by DO, but was wondering, if there is a way to send multiple files at once to exiftool..... meaning instead of sending "X" amount of command lines depending on how many photos i have selected, but send them as a group so it opens one command prompt instead of multiple?

{allfilepath} will send all files at once on the command line, but exiftool would have to support being called like that.

Apparently it does, because it worked :slight_smile:
Good to know