Remove the word "Shortcut" and Size when displaying Shortcuts


I've noticed that when Shortcut items are displayed in a Lister using the Tiles view mode, the appearance (eg size) of the items can be modified by going to:

Preferences > File Display Modes > Tiles

However, is there a way to also eliminate the word "Shortcut" and file Size so that the result appears as follows (which appearance was obtained in Photoshop before uploading the image)?

If so, where/how are those modifications made?


By the way, I just noticed that using the Thumbnails mode rather than Tiles mode eliminates the word "Shortcut" so now if I can just eliminate the size, I will be all set.

Thumbnails doesn't eliminate the word. It's probably just how the line-wrapping happened to be.

The word "Shortcut" is not something Opus itself is adding to those files. It's part of their file names. Opus just displays whatever their names are. You can rename them to remove the "Shortcut" part if you wish.

(There is a Preferences / File Operations / Options / Append " - Shortcut" when creating shortcuts option you may also want to turn off, if/when you are creating new shortcuts in Opus.)

@Leo, that's Tiles mode showing the filetype below the filename. It's not part of the name in this case.

Thanks for the comments.

Now is there a way to remove the file Size so that only the filename is present?

My mistake, I didn't look closely enough at the screenshot.

In that case, go to Settings > File Types, find the LNK (Shortcut) type (under System File Types in the list) and double-click it. On the Tiles Mode tab you can specify which information is shown for that type under the filename.

If the tab is completely blank, it'll fall through to one of the more generic types (e.g. All Files), but you can set it to a space to say you want no extra information for shortcut files. Or you could set it to {target} so the show what they point to, which might be useful sometimes.

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I don't know if the second part of my question was already answered or got overlooked but here it is again:

Is there a way to remove the file Size for each item when displaying shortcuts?


Alternative approach: use View > List mode if shortcut icon size can be modified.

I just discovered that if View > List mode is used, the shortcut file size is not displayed. So this will be the perfect option if there's a way to change the size of the shortcut icons as can be done in the Tiles & Thumbnails view modes.

Is that possible?

The same way, by editing the Tiles Mode definition for the Shortcut filetype and removing whatever information in there you don't want.

OK, I went to Settings > File Types and scrolled down until I found the LNK (Shortcut) row.

Double-clicking on it brought up the following box:

I next clicked to display the Tiles Mode tab:


It appeared blank so I entered a space and clicked OK.

However, doing so does not eliminate the Size indicators in the shortcut icons as shown here:



Your last screenshot is Thumbnails mode not Tiles mode, so the Tiles settings don't affect it.

Thumbnails mode is a lot more simple than Tiles mode and just has some checkboxes to turn a handful of options on and off. Turn off Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Display image and file size in label to hide the sizes in your last screenshot.

That's perfect Leo. Thanks for getting me straightened out.

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