Removing a leading space now introduces a tilde (~) using RegEx

I occasionally find files that have a leading space in the file name. I used* to use the following regex rename to delete the leading space:

Type: Regular Expression Find and Replace

From: ^[space] or [^\s]

To: <null>

Example From: " Author - Title - Description" -> "Author - Title - Description"

It worked fine in the last (i.e., circa August 2018) version of DOpus, but after the latest update, it prepends a tilde ~ instead of just removing the space.

Seems like a bug introduced with the latest update, workaround?


Sarasota, Florida USA

This happens to me as well, but only with "RegEx + Find and Replace"

In regex

From: ^ (.*)
To: \1

works, and in Standard Wildcard Rename

From: * (thats "<space><asterisk>"
To: * (just "<asterisk>")

Also works fine.

Note that the Rename Preview looks fine, its only after pressing Apply that the Tilde is introduced.. To be specific, the Tilde is character 0x7E, not some special unicode string.

This is in 12.10 (I have not tested the beta)

EDIT: Confirmed still a problem in 12.10.1.
EDIT2: Same replace without the '^' works. It doesn't have to be a space, any replace, even '^.' will replace the first character with a tilde.

Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next update.