RENAME ADVANCED PRESET=last does not remember which preset was loaded, only its settings


I've edited the CTRL-3 button to add "PRESET=last", which technically works perfectly, however, during development, I would like to be able to save changes to the preset using "Ctrl-S".

The problem is, when I trigger "rename advanced preset=last", it doesn't remember WHICH preset was loaded, just the preset settings. As a result, pressing "Ctrl-S" asks me which preset to save.

Even right-clicking on the Saved preset and selecting SAVE forces me to type the name out manually and respond to the "Replace?" dialog.

Would it be possible for PRESET=last to remember the NAME of the last preset loaded?

Would it also be possible to allow "Save" from the context menu of a preset automatically overwrite that preset? You might also consider adding "Save As..." to the context menu which appears when right-clicking on an empty area in the preset column (in addition to the existing import/export menu options.)


By design "last" doesn't remember the name of a preset, because you may have changed the settings since the preset was loaded. It remembers the state of the dialog, whether that state came from a preset or not.

But if you provide the name of the preset you're working on on the command line (e.g. Rename ADVANCED PRESET=Blah) then I think it will work as you expect it to.