Rename based on MP3 tags

DOpus is fantastic. I've been able to eliminate the use of several external programs simply by using the built-in Opus features. One thing that I haven't gotten rid of yet is my ID3 tag editor. DOpus's ability to handle id3 tags is minimal, and I would like to see it expanded. Ideally, DOpus would have all the abilities of the program ID3-TagIT built right in. At minimum, I would love to see better tag editing ability, recognition of more tags than currently, and the ability to quickly and easily rename files based on the ID3 tag content.

Just my 2 cents. It would be amazing to be able to eliminate yet another program from my disk!


chriscrutch, you're preaching to the converted here my friend...

While I'm not 'working', music is among the only reasons I ever even want to switch my computer on at home. I'm surprised that more of the Dopus diehard's that particpate on these forums don't seem to be hounding GPSoft to enhance its' music mgmt. capabilties :slight_smile:. A lot of people here have their preferred tagging apps, but I'd really 'like' Dopus to service that part of my file management needs as much as any of the other ways it currently does so.

to Nudel/Tanis/Jon/or anyone else with the know-how:
Is the sort of functionality that chriscrutch and some of the others I'm sure you've read from here within feasible coding distance for a 'plug-in'?

As you said, a lot of people here have their preferred tagging apps and I use JRiver's Media Center 11. I doubt with all the functionality that it provides besides just tagging, that would be a lot of overhead for Opus. I'm satisfied with having 2 main programs, both doing excellent in their particular category.

LOL webman - I also own a copy of Jriver Media Center (haven't upgraded to 11 yet tho). But here's the situation I've arrived at:

  • there are TONS of features in a full blown media player like MC, and I use a fair portion of them.
  • virtually all the things I do with MC I can do a little faster with other 'smaller' media players. Bsplayer handles every video file I throw at it, and foobar2000 is quickly taking over as my mp3 and ape player because of it's no frills just click and go interface. Nero burns my music and video just fine.
  • Opus on the other hand, lets me use file collections in exactly the same way as playlists.

At this point, the sort of enhanced tag mgmt. features ppl like chris and I yearn for in Opus just seem logical (to me anyhow). A music files Tag data is an indispensable part of it's file 'properties' and every bit as important to me as archive bits and read-only flags. Alot of the capabilities for "Media Library Management" built into apps like MC are there because the file manager world still has not really fully embraced multi-media management - a fact I'm guessing might change a little when we finally see WinFS. It won't just be the file system that makes good on some of the promises it offers but the shell changes that will support it...