Rename Columns

Could you allow us to rename columns plz. Here is an example of why:

"Audio Mode" is far too large for the only two modes that would populate the column: mono or stereo.
So I gave it a 50 pixel max. But now the column header is truncated and that looks bad. I would just rename it to "Mode" and that would be fine.

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Wait, what? :open_mouth:

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Thank you for that.

At first I got worried that the command is 'mp3' but it also works on wav files. Nice.
So now I'm trying this evaluator columns to have my own private column for putting down basic notes.
Trying to divide it from the factory descriptions. But I'm not getting an extra metadata box where I can do that.

In this example I wanted to put 'this is good' into my custom box (TJ Comment), but it only puts it into 'description'. Do you know how to fix this?
This Is Good

I changed the evaluation nature to 'desc' and now I'm back to the same problem I had before.
I'm looking to have a private box for my comments; independent of software manufacturer commentary.

If none of the existing fields suits you, you'd need to roll your own with a script column.

Have a look at MediaInfo-based extended columns & commands for some inspiration.

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That's territory I can't enter. Thanks though.
I'll just have to share my comment box with OEM comments and leave it at that.

The standard comment is not an option?

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No. There are three column types that monitor the same metadata source.
'Description' 'User Description' and 'Comments'. I've tried this in several different ways.
For example, if Microsoft put a comment about the libraries, the same comment will show up in all three columns. So if I forgot who wrote what, then I won't know. (I can't delete out those descriptions either).

OEM descriptions is fine for 'description' and 'comment'. But not 'user description'. That ticks me off.
Microsoft is not the user. I am. Description and user description are not the same thing, so they shouldn't behave the same.
And the names of the two 'description' columns are not 'comments' so why is the 'comments' box in the metadata linked to those two? Why don't those two make their own boxes in the metadata pane?

Even the fact that the metadata box reads 'comment' and the column reads 'comments' (plural) is an error. Both should read 'comments'. Every other type of column is mirrored with the metadata pane except for these ones.

I just wanted a box that I can put in notes and reminders about files and folders. It doesn't even have to work with metadata. Just a privately managed column for personal use in Opus only.

Unless you want to add comments to the stock libraries, or one of the handful of other system folders Microsoft added comments to, why does it really matter? You'd be unlikely to be looking at comments in places containing any of those system folders.

That was just an example. I found numerous examples of software comments.
Especially with downloaded audio sample packs etc. Sometimes they put random text into the descriptions, or ads for their company or links to their website. I don't want to be looking at that nonsense. But I still want to put comments for myself.

And some of them put like a half paragraph in there, so I can't just use the 'fill' length, I have to also give it a max width. So now with a max, comments that are not so offending are also truncated.

Actually I will be trying to make a wipe metadata and batch wipe metadata buttons, but haven't yet.

Here's a basic example of my personal reminders.
If I forgot which is which, I don't have to think, I just have to look over to the comment:

Yes it's dumb, but if it works it's not dumb.
My commentary column has many applications, from reminders to serious warnings for myself.

Also, I would only be spending time to write notes for at least semi-important things. So that my eye will pick up on lone entries in a sea of blank space.


If there is random factory descriptions that catch my eye, and I go and read them for no reason, that's wasting my time. If I use certain folders habitually, it can be wasting my time multiple times. Which adds up to the fact that the user description column should only display user created descriptions. I would just script out a new column if I knew how.

You're not seriously asking why does it matter if 'user description' and 'description' behave the same? Because it's wrong, that's why. Or why the word 'comment' is in the metadata pane, but not these columns? It matters because they are not the same thing. Because you have a superfluous column type. Because the user description should be reserved for the user, and I'm sure lots of people would be happy to put sticky notes onto their files in their beloved file manager.

Sure I can spend three months going through my entire computer, wiping out metadata from files one by one, in my 100k + sample library. Or you could just let use have a private column instead.

If you want a completely custom description that nothing else has set on any files of any type from any source, then you'll have to invent your own way of storing the description for that.

Any standard method might have already been used by someone.

(Personally, I'd ignore the descriptions on system folders, and clear the descriptions on files downloaded from the internet, if they come with descriptions already set. Usually have to tidy up metadata on downloaded media/audio in general. The companies selling music online almost always to a terrible job of tagging and naming files.)


Ya, exactly. You know what I'm getting at.
Another example is something like using DVD Video Soft's Free YouTube Downloader. It adds a bunch of metadata to the file that doesn't help anyone, and I can't turn that off.

I can just ignore the system commentary, but I wish that I didn't have to look at it ever.

So I will just keep the 'comments' column as is, and use it when I want to, and be happy with that.
This is a fantastic program.

Another thing I would change if I could:
This British nomenclature of "movies". The English call everything "movies". But if it's not a fully featured film, it's a video. Since someone like me makes video clips etc. the group type being 'movies' is no good.

Honestly, that bugs me. The country that spawned the language can't seem to speak it.

We can't rename it as it would break existing configs and commands people have made.

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Movies is an American term. British people see films in cinemas. Americans see movies.

I named that by name already. "Fully featured film." That's not what I'm referring to. Anything less than that is a video, not a movie. It's like calling an audio clip a song.

But I think these columns are more of an industry standard media set. Like the music genres list is an accepted standard. I'm just saying that "if I had the choice" I would have that column named 'videos'.