Rename dialog does not use old name as expected

If I select a file or folder in a lister and press the Rename button, the Rename dialog appears.

It seems that only the "New name" option is taken into account : whatever I put in the "Old name" string, the file is renamed.
I.e. I select a file named "myfile.txt" and click Rename. If in the dialog I change the input "myfile.txt" by "myotherfile.txt", DOpus shouldn't rename anything (because there is no such file as "myotherfile.txt"). What currently happens is that DOpus doesn't care about the "Old name" string and renames the selected file.

Is this a bug or a feature ? If this is a feature (e.g. the Old name is used only eventual for wildcard use), I don't think it's really logical...

The old name field is only for wildcard renaming. Renames always work on the selected files (only), except when files are explicitly specified as part of the button definition/command.

That said, having read the thread that I think spawned this bug report, you may have a valid point when the Rename files in selected sub-folders option is switched on...