Rename exclude files


I'm using the preset below to rename files with some Exif information. This works pretty well except for some files I would like to exclude.

As you can see in the above picture, I've selected JPG and one MP4 file. When selecting all files from a folder and start renaming, all MP4 files are rename, too, with a meaningless name of course.

This is not a desired behaviour. Those MP4-files should be excluded. Of course, I could set a filter on the folder first, however, mass selecting and just pressing the toolbar button for renaming is much more convenient, you know?

I already tried to use "Old name: *.jpg" however when closing this settings window, this option gets reset to "*" again.

Do I have to use a rename script in this case or is there another solution with standard methods?

That’s the correct way to limit things, and if you save the rename preset after making that change then it will become part of the preset.

Ah - saving the preset is the way I should go :laughing:

Obviously, using the OK button or Apply button is not "working as expected". Should have looked more carefully since I've already created and saved my preset this way :sunglasses:

Oh boy I get old now...