Rename file inside folder with button

Hi, I'm new here and this is my situation.
I'm doing an internship in a fab and they have a large archive of all the items they ever produced.
I'm tasked to get them all renamed and reorganized and i found many ways thanks to opus to accelerate my work.
In particular thanks to the button which do the job perfecty for my needs

The only problem is that i have many folder and have to open them one by one to use the button.
Is there a way to rename files inside the folder without opening it first?
I use flat view grouped to see if a folder got files inside so another way would be a way to select all file inside it only not like CTRL+ A that select all folder and files visible in flat view.

Thanks in Advance.

Options include:

  • The Rename dialog has an option to rename all files below selected folders. (I would try this on a test area first, to make sure it's only going to rename what you want it to.)

  • Flat View (No Folders) will give you a recursive list of all files under the current folder, with all folders excluded. Do that and then select-all and click Rename.

  • Tools > Find Files can be used to get a list of things below a starting folder (or folders) matching almost any criteria you need. Similarly, select-all and click Rename.

Thank you for the suggestions, I managed to solve my problem