Rename file(s) using directory name(s) 101

Hello Dopus aficionados,

Here is my question, can I rename file(s) within multiple subdirectories in the following way:


Sprint (folder)
  2013 (folder)
     06-19-13 (file)
     07-19-13 (file)
     08-19-13 (file)


Sprint (folder)
  2013 (folder)
     Sprint_2013_06-19-13 (file)
     Sprint_2013_07-19-13 (file)
     Sprint_2013_08-19-13 (file)

At times, I could have one or two more directory levels as well.

I assume for many of you this is easy but for me not so much..... :slight_smile:

I apologize if this has been brought up before in this forum but my initial queries have resulted in zero finds.

Thank you.

If you turn on enable file information fields in the Rename dialog and have a look into the drop-down menu that enables, there are options to insert the names of parent folders:

You can use them like this:

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you Leo!

Well, yes I want to continue this conversation.
I am using Opus 12.n and my rename dialogue looks nothing like this example. I have not been able to find anythng remotely resembling this - not that I am the wizard, just can not see how to in words that do not entail Perl or any other form of coding. Please!!

What does your rename dialog look like?