Rename files while displayed in viewer pane

Recently I had to reinstall Opus. Prior to the reinstall, I could rename all files by right clicking while the file contents were displayed in the viewer pane. After the reinstall, I can rename files with all extensions except for mp4 and mkv. "Unlocker" tells me that Opus has locked these files. I have to close the viewer pane, rename the file, and reopen the viewer pane. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

The difference may be which video codecs/splitters, or which plugin (the Movie plugin, or the ActiveX plugin, which in turn uses Windows Media Player or the Windows video preview handler, depending on configuration) you are now using for those types of files.

What you were using before may have opened the files in a way which still allowed renaming, while what you're using now may lock the files from being renamed. (Unlocker only tells you the process, not the component, so it's not necessarily Opus itself.)

Did you reinstall or change anything else, or just Opus?

Installing Opus over the top of itself would not change much, but if you uninstalled and then reinstalled, you'd be using a default config now (unless you restored a config backup). More detail on what was changed is needed to suggest what best to try. (Or close the viewer pane when renaming things.)

Leo, thanks for your quick response and great product. I expected more information was needed but I am afraid I do not have it. I will play around a bit and if I stumble on a solution I'll let the forum know.