Rename Folders


I tried to rename a group of folders, but I just couldn't get the desired result after many tries of different combinations.

The original folder looks like this has the format "20070215 ABC Folder List", and I want to rename it to "20070215 - ABC Folder List". That is to add a hyphen after the dates, and keeping everything else unchanged. That seems simple, but I just couldn't get the right combination of regular expression and/or wildcard to work.

I tried "Rename PATTERN="? " TO="&- *" AUTORENAME TYPE=folders", but I got "&- 20070215 ABC Folder LIst"

Any idea ?

Off the top of my head and not well thought out but I think the settings in the screen grab below should work.

The ([0-9]+) searches for one or more numbers then after that must come a space and after that can be anything.

\1 represents the numbers found while \2 represents everything after the first space.

Old name: ([0-9] +) (.*) New name: \1 - \2