Rename - Insert to end of file/folder names from dlg


This request seems like quite the big project so I understand if no one wants to tackle it (at least seems big to me since I don't know how to program).

In the end, I'd like to insert predetermined text to the end if the file names/folder names selected and surround the inserted text with brackets. The choices would come from a dialog popup with either drop-downs or check boxes that can go 3 levels deep (3 sets of different predetermined groups). Each group would be seperated by a space dash space. Example: " - "

Using "Apple" as an example starting point
Apple.jpg (file)
Apple (folder)

Picking "red" (from group 1)
Apple (red).jpg
Apple (red) (folder)

Picking "red" and "delicious" (from groups 1 and 3)
Apple (red - delicious).jpg
Apple (red - delicious) (folder)

Picking "red", "fruit" and "delicious" (from groups 1, 2 and 3)
Apple (red - fruit - delicious).jpg
Apple (red - fruit - delicious) (folder)

Picking "delicious" (from group 3)
Apple (delicious).jpg
Apple (delicious) (folder)

A bonus would be if the choices came from check boxes and more than 1 choice could come from a group, separated by commas.

Picking "red", "green" and "yellow" (from group 1) and "fruit" (from group 2)
Apple (red, green, yellow - fruit).jpg
Apple (red, green, yellow - fruit) (folder)

Each group could have up to 20 choices and choices could have spaces.

Again, I understand if no one wants to tackle this project, it seems like a big one to me since its pretty dynamic, but would really appreciate it if something could be done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!