Rename, Modify Capitalization and Rename Scripts?

Testing the functions in the Rename dialog using a Rename JavaScript, I was a bit surprised that you do not seem to be able to "pre-rename" file/folder names that then would get passed to the Rename script.

E.g. in some cases Modify capitalization, All Lower-case would be a convenient "pre-rename" for further renaming via script. It would also be convenient for the user to be able to easily change what gets passed to the script.

Alas Modify capitalization is ignored, when using Old name "" and New name "", Type "Standard Rename".

Strange I though I read that "pre-renaming" would work?

Note: In JavaScript it is trivial to lower-case a file/folder name, and that will be the way I will go, but I kind of like the idea of using the existing interface of the Rename dialog to do so.

Am I overlooking something?

Works fine here. Are you taking the filename from the wrong argument? If you want the pre-processed name then you have to use strNewName.

Ah... thanks for the info.

I had been wondering about the use of strOldName and strNewName. I thought these are merly the entries from the fields Old name and New name, in our case * and *...

Great, changed one variable and everything works. Neat.

For those interested - stumbling over this thread - the Rename Script I was talking about is now online here at the forums:
[ul]Book Title Caps - A Rename JavaScript
[url]Book Title Caps - A Rename JavaScript][/ul]