Rename music files

Hi guys just rebuilt my PC and for various reasons my music file directory structure has screwed uo.

Is there any way of using DOpus to read the tags from the MP3 files adn then rename the files to 'Artist, track'.

If anyone can advise if would be very much apprecaited!

Cheers in advance.

Nope. We all wish there was. We're hoping for a feature like that in future releases. For now, get yourself a good tagger program to do the job. I use ID3-TagIT and love it, a lot of folks on this board seem to like The Godfather.


Nope - check the forums for other utility suggestions though. There are several topics out on the forum asking for this very same thing - such as this one and this one.

Cheers guys, glad I'm not missing something, will continue to use MusicMatch then....

tag&rename does the job