Rename photos with capture date

I would like to have a button to name photos inserting the capture date in dd-MM-yy format, without the time.

Example: Last weekend > Last weekend (29-07-23)

I use the following instruction:

Rename IGNOREEXT PATTERN * TO "* ({datetaken|dd-MM-yy})"

But the result is the following:
Last weekend (2023-07-29 21;08;12)

Could someone help me in that regard? Thank you so much.

I recommend using the Rename Feature.
The example below will not suit your needs, but should help you create a preset that does what you want.

I often rename photos starting with the Date Taken (without the time). Here is one of the presets I have created:

In place of TEXT, I would typically enter my client's name.
This preset will add the date Taken in YYYY-MM-DD format at the beginning of the filename because then the files will sort the same when sorted by filename or by Date Taken.

I have saved many different rename presets.

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Thank you very much @MegMac, with your help I got it, it was just adding D#. The resulting code is the following:

Rename IGNOREEXT PATTERN * TO "* ({datetaken|D#dd-MM-yy})"

Thank you very much once again!!!