Rename preset list menu?

I just noticed that the clicking a menuitem in the rename preset menu won't do
anything when the preset in question have custom fields.

Should they really be shown in that list, or alternatively, could it somehow show the
dialog when a preset with custom fields is selected?

My preset command:

Rename PRESET=!list,nofaves

Btw, is there a way to check if "Ignore extension" is checked or not through a rename script?

I'd expect selecting the preset in the menu to run the preset as it was when it was saved.

Was the preset saved in a state where it would not do anything? e.g. If it's your preset/script to remove things after some text that you enter, and it was saved with the text field blank, then it would not do anything when run, as per your script's own logic. (But it would still be run, it just wouldn't change any of the names, so nothing appears to happen when it is run.)